-UH-1A: Initial model;
-UH-1B: Stretched variant;
-UH-1C: Gunship-optimized UH-1B;
-UH-1D: Production Model 205;
-UH-1E: USMC version of UH-1B, with rescue winch and USMC aviation electronics (=avionics);
-UH-1F: USAF version of UH-1B;
-UH-1H: Definitive Model 205 version, with improved avionics;
-UH-1J: Japanese derivative of UH-1H, built by Fuji, with countermeasures and cockpit improvements;
-UH-1L: Utility version;
-UH-1M: Night combat derivative of UH-1C with sensor systems;
-UH-1N: UH-1H with more powerful engine;
-UH-1P: USAF covert ops gunship conversion of the UH-1F;
-UH-1V: UH-1H conversion for “dustoff”/MedEvac role, with rescue hoist and defensive systems.
Vietnam War, The Bell UH-1 "Huey" Helicopter
The Huey helicopter material

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The Huey helicopter media

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Everyone who has ever seen a Vietnam War themed movie has noticed the helicopter which plays a distinguished part.

This helicopter, the Bell UH-1 Iroquois (known as the "Huey"), began it's Tour in Vietnam in 1962.

Before the end of the Vietnam War, more than 5,000 of these helicopters were flown into Southeast Asia. The Huey was used for medevac (medical evacuation), command missions, air assault; personnel and materiel transport and as gunship. There more than 9,000 units produced (by the Bell company and under license by others) from the 50's untill now.
A Bell UH1 drops personnel in Vietnam

-Robert F. Dorr, Chopper, ISBN 0425202739
-Ton Vingerhoets, Vietnam-oorlog, ISBN 9789086600441
A Huey as "medevac" helicopter
The huey's gunners seat
The UH-1E/F (1962-1963)

Crew: 2 or more (depens on function)

Rotor width: 13,60m/44'

Length: 16,15m/53'

Weight: 2155-3855kg/4750-8500 pounds

Top Speed: 220 km/140 miles per hour

Weapons: depending on function
A UH 1Y Gunship

UH-1 helicopter armed with two M60 guns only, were called “Slicks” because of their smooth external appearance. These helicopter were the backbone of all airmobile combat operations in Vietnam. The "Huey" came in a lot of versions starting with the UH-1A until the UH-1V, that's without all the derivates from other manufacturers which build the Huey under license. Known models:
UH-1_Huey Vietnam Huey  chopper gunship huey gangbuster Huey gunship Huey gunship 2 Huey Vietnam
Huey Vietnam 2 Huey Vietnam 3 Huey Vietnam medical evacuation Huey Vietnam medical evacuation 2 UH-1 Huey helicopter UH-1 Huey helicopter2
UH-1 Huey helicopter3 UH-1 Huey helicopter gunship UH-1 Huey helicopter gunship2